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Techno Live Sets March 2017
March 17, 2017 09:31 AM PDT
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1) Klangmechanik (Cosys) Jannowitz Rec
2) Skober (Future Lead) Terminal M Records
3) Sebastian Mora Official (Gotta Do) La Rage Records
4) Max Bravo (This is) White Music RecorDs
5) Mediahora & Guti Legatto (Rockstar) No Presets Records
6) Giuseppe Rizzuto (High & Dry – Acki Rmx) Subtrack Records
7) Jay-x (Electronic Influence) Wout Records
8) Be Morais (Unavoidable Void) Timeless Moment
9) De la swing (Universal Key – Andres Campo Rmx) Glasgow Underground
10) Jay-x (Range Oscillator) Yatagan Records
11) Spektre ( Choose Your Poison) Phobiq Rec
12) DRUNKEN KONG(OFFICIAL) (Don’t See Me) Tronic Music
13) M.Rodriguez& Ivan Feher (Do It Right) 76 Seventysix Recordings
14) Stefano Esposito & Di Chiara Brothers (Materia) Wow! Recordings

For Info & Booking: info@jay-x.it - booking@jay-x.it

Techno Live Sets February 2017
February 22, 2017 01:46 AM PST
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1) Alex Niggemann (Hurricane Feat. The Shadow Self) Balance Music
2) Eduy (Zara) Reload Records
3) Whyt Noyz (White Horses) Terminal M
4) Seek One (Spectrum) The Manifesto Music
5) Out Law (You are in me) BNN Records
6) Aren Suarez (Next Station) Porky Records
7) Jay-x (Mechanical System) Subtrack Records
8) Konflicted Soul (Detatched) Delusion Music
9) Giuseppe Rizzuto (High & Dry – Acki Rmx) Subtrack Records
10) Giorgio Moroder (The Chase – Mosgi Rmx) Ibiza IM
11) Jay-x (Range Oscillator) Yatagan Records
12) Drunken Kong (Origin) Terminal M
13) Jay Lumen (Are We Clear) Octopus Records
14) Rob Hes (Salvation) KD Raw
15) Alex Plastik (Sharp) Unstuck Musik)

For Info & Booking: info@jay-x.itbooking@jay-x.it

Techno Live Sets January 2017
January 28, 2017 01:50 AM PST
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1) Christian Prommer, Johannes Brecht (Voix Grave) Diynamic Rec
2) Shosho (Xo) Lapsus Music
3) Matador (Space Charmer) Rukus
4) Xciv (Tusma) Morph
5) Klangmechanik (Klangmechanik Cosys)
6) Di Chiara Brothers (Power Seat) Delusion Music
7) Jay-x (Range Oscillator) Yatagan Rec
8) Metodi Hristov (Kind Of Blue) Terminal M
9) Jay-x (Modular Bass) Wout Records
10) Jay-x (Range Oscillator – Giuseppe Rizzuto Rmx) Yatagan Rec
11) Fur Coat (Twenty Eight – Vin Sol Rmx) Crosstown Rebels
12) Nico Kohler (Stepper) The Manifesto Music
13) Lil’ Mark (The Future Back Then) MFF
14) Ilona Maras, Sanja (Existe feat. Sutra Gutierrez) Get Physical Music

For Info & Booking: info@jay-x.itbooking@jay-x.it

Techno Live Sets December 2016
December 24, 2016 08:33 AM PST
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1) Ellen Allien (Landing XX) Bpitch Control
2) Moodii (El Sol) Wout
3) Metodi Hristov (Kind Of Blue) Terminal M
4) Giuseppe Rizzuto (Flash Storm) Subtrack Rec.
5) Jay-x (Double Side) Yatagan Records
6) Echomatik (Sowot) Stereo Sauce
7) Bitonal (NO2 - Acid Kit Rmx)
8) Anna (Face Your Fears) Terminal M
9) Jay-x (Mechanical System) Subtract Records
10) Andre Galluzzi (Bold) Ovum Rec
11) Sascha Sonido (Turn Down For What) Kittball
12) Jay-x (Preset Settings) Yatagan Records
13) Wehbba (Ascent) Tronic
14) Kaiserdisco (Get Enough) Drumcode

For Info & Booking: info@jay-x.it

Techno Live Sets November 2016
November 22, 2016 07:35 AM PST
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Tracklist - November 2016

1) Dave Wincent (Family Affairs - Vazik Rmx)
2) Ugur Project (Piglet)
3) David Mussen (Hassio Col Best Bines
4) Jay-x (Mechanical System)
5) Babis K (All I Do)
6) Dj Micky,Da Funk,Dino Maggiorana (Pressure)
7) Dj Tonio (Closer Faster Stronger - Giacomotto Rmx)
8) Jay-x (Double Side)
9) Deetrack (Clockwork)
10) Cliff De Zoete (Niet Lullen Maar Poetsen)
11) Jay-x (Preset Settings)
12) Jay-x (Logic Control)
13) Audiomatiques, Mars Bill (Solar)

For Info & Booking: info@jay-x.it - booking@jay-x.it

Techno Live Sets October 2016
October 17, 2016 06:53 AM PDT
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Track list October 2016 (Jay-x)

1) Thomas Schumacher (Ficken - dubspeeka Rmx) Electric Ballroom
2) Madrem (Another Day) Hypnologic Music
3) Jay-x (Mechanical System) Subtrack Records
4) Bastinov (Plasma) Aeon
5) Christian Nielsen (Treading Water) Noir Music
6) Bastian Bux (Linna Feat. Anon) Suara
7) Weekend Heroes ( The Walkers) Plattenbank
8) Dj Micky Da Funk, Dino Maggiorana (Pressure) Unity Rec
9) Several Definitions (Alone) Stil Vor Talent
10) Pezzner (Title Track) Get Physical Music
11) Matador (Klout & Bones) Rukus
12) Audiomatiques (The Seventh Sense) Loose Rec
13) Jay-x (Autocomp) Chola Group Rec
14) Monika Kruse meets Pig&Dan (Boogie Man)
15) The Southem, Kaiserdisco (Subconscious) KD Raw.

For Info & Booking: info@jay-x.it - booking@jay-x.it

Techno Live Sets August 2016
August 23, 2016 01:20 AM PDT
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Tracklist Dj Set August 2016 (Jay-x)

1) Beretta (Shimmy) Monaberry
2) Betoko (Shut Your Eyes) Green Valley Rec
3) Pete Oak, Notizie (Noctua) Stil Vor Talent
4) Jay-x (Mechanical System) Subtrack Rec
5) Pedro Costa (Among Us) Bnn Rec
6) Giuseppe Rizzuto & James Hopkins (Get Lost) Subtrack Rec
7) JunkieKids (Wild Run) Enter Music
8) Gina Breeze (Crystal Black)
9) Gaga (Trouble) 200th Release of DFR
10) Dj Raul (Missing Joys) Nervous Rec
11) Andrea Frisina (Alpha Centauri) Gate Null Rec
12) Rob Hes (Nothing To Fear) KD Raw
13) Jay-x (Impulse) Yatagan Records
14) Citizen Kain & Kiko (Meantime) Noir Rec

For Info & Booking: info@jay-x.it - booking@jay-x.it

Techno Live Sets for July 2016
July 22, 2016 12:54 AM PDT
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1) Sin Plomo (O Mundo con voce) Disko Massaka
2) Loui Fernandez (Genetic) Tres 14 Music
3) Danito & Athina & Tony Casanova (Like Angels)
4) Wurtz (Trainhall – Jay-x Rmx) Subtrack Records
5) Pete Oak (Me, My, Molly) Sincopat
6) Alex Neri (My Song) Avotre
7) Dave Angel (Power) Bedrock Records
8) Gaga (Trouble) Dark Face Rec
9) Cirez D (In The Reds) Mouseville
10) Arjun Vagale (Let me Lead You) 100% Pure
11) Pig & Dan (The Licker) Drumcode
12) Sian (Out Is In) Octopus Recordings
13) Jay-x (Double Side) Yatagan Records
14) Matador (The Enemy Feat. Felix Da Housecat) Rukus

For Info & Booking: info@jay-x.it - booking@jay-x.it

Techno Live Set for (June 2016)
June 06, 2016 02:58 AM PDT
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1) Paul Hazendonk & Dustin Nantais (Labrum Lafway) Blufin
2) The YellowHeads (Axis) 100% Pure
3) Barber (Humanism) Cr2 Trax
4) Reset Robot (Crystal) Truesoul
5) Anton Madera (Azimuth) Monique Musique
6) Martin Eyerer (What We Fear) Kling Klong
7) Jay-x (Impulse) Yatagan Records
8) Southern Project, Ario (Water Shape) eMBi Music
9) Martin Eyerer & Ackermann (To An End - Kaiserdisco Rex) Kling Klang
10) Alessio Frino (Signal From Unknow) Subtrack Rec
11) Tommy Gunners (Sunce) Derinkuyu
12) Jay-x (Key Generator) Yatagan Records
13) Ramiro Lopez (Collapse) Stereo Productions
14) Alex Young & Detach (Technopolis) Boccato Rec

For info & booking: info@jay-x.it - booking@jayvip.com

Techno Live Sets (April 2016)
April 25, 2016 05:53 AM PDT
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Tracklist (April 2016)

1)Anna (Odd Concept)Diynamic
2)Max Chapman (Needed Someone)Delusion
3)Rodino Poddubsky (Train)Leap4rog Music
4)Okapi (I Guess)
5)Jay-x (Impulse)Yatagan Records
6)Giuseppe Rizzato & David Vincent (Dark Temperature)Subtrack Rec
7)Anna (Redemption) Terminal M
8)Christian Hornbostel (Mental Species) Kling Klong
9)Umek (Double The Lust) 1605
10)Nicole Moudaber (Silent Sigh) Mood
11)Jay-x (Double Side) Yatagan Records
12)Pleasurekraft (Defiler) Mood
13)Irregular Synth (Distortion) MB Elektronics

For Info & Booking: info@jay-x.it - booking@jayvip.com

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